Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I'm quite a reflective person so I feel it may be appropriate to wrap up 2014 with a post.

2014 Recap:

January: Took a risk and started a new job - definitely paid off! Although I have my moments, I love my job now and have met many wonderful people along the way.

March: Holiday-ed to Singapore. Revisited my sexual orientation with my sister for the first time in 8 years - definitely a pivotal moment this year and what's began this self discovery journey.

April: Started meeting with Bishop regularly - have felt a huge burden off my shoulders as I no longer held a calling or partook of the sacrament.

May: Started blogging!! - met some wonderful people along the way from this awesome MoHo community.

June: Started personal training - finally bit the bullet to get healthier and fitter! Although I'm not at the point to take body transformation photos, I definitely feel healthier!

September: Met the man I fell in love with.

October: Came out to my Dad - I don't think I've blogged about it yet! May have to catch up soon...

November: Came out to my Mum (again!)

December: Relationship ended. Went on an amazing cruise and family holiday!

Favourites of 2014:

Song: "Shake It Off"

Movie: "Frozen" - I know it technically came out end of 2013 but I watched it in 2014.

TV show: TWD

Musical watched in 2014: Wicked

Internet meme: I can't decide between the 2!

Picture taken: The Pacific Ocean sunset

It's been quite an amazing year really despite the recent rough patches.
I feel like this year has been pivotal to me starting this journey of self discovery and spirituality, taking risks and taking chances. Sure, not everything ended up where I would've liked but I trust that it happened this way for a reason and I just need to wait patiently to find out what that reason was. It maybe cheesy but I do believe that it is better to have experienced love and be hurt than to never have experienced love at all. After all, according to 2 Nephi 2, how are we to know what joy feels like if we never experience sorrow and pain?

So farewell 2014 - you've been great and here's to a brighter, better and more joy filled 2015!


  1. Loved your meme about the eggs. That cracked me up. (Really, no pun intended, it was really funny.) I love Cadbury eggs, also scrambled eggs. :).

    You've had an eventful year. It feels like it's been good for you. Best of luck you and loads of God things to you in the new year!! Cheers!! Duck

    1. Thanks Duck! It sure has been and Happy New Year to you too!!

  2. Good things, sorry about not spell checking...

  3. Definitely the diet! I laughed so hard...and then stole it to post on Facebook!