Monday, 22 December 2014

The Return

I haven't posted here for a while... mainly because I suck at writing and it was taking me so long to write things that even half made sense. For some reason, heartbreak makes words flow easier...

What has been happening since my last post?

I was still on my journey of finding out if the Gospel was true... the answer never came. What did come was a wonderful guy, we fell in love and I was happy. For once, I felt like I could live without the Gospel in my life and still be happy. I came out to my Mum and Dad once again but this time letting them know that I no longer attend Church regularly, wear my garments or believe whole heartedly as I once did. They were understandably sad but respected my decisions.

As I hinted to in the beginning, another chapter of love has concluded in my life and I wish to document the journey and hopefully write more regularly once again. The coming posts will document the last few months and where to from here...

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