Monday, 26 January 2015

Happy Straya Day!

Happy Australia Day! Or as it has more commonly become: Straya Day!

Perhaps you know us through Steve Irwin or Crocodile Dundee. Throwin' another shrimp on the barbie perhaps?

It wasn't until my mission in Canada that I realised the differences between Australia and North America. So to celebrate Australia Day let me give a rundown on Aussie culture!

How Aussie are you?! Test your Aussie culture knowledge! (Scroll down for answers!)

1. Brekkie
2. Mozzie
3. Bludger
4. 'Chuck a sickie'
5. Bloke
6. Fair dinkum
7. Heaps
8. Deadset
9. Arvo
10. Maccas

<------- Thongs: things you wear on your feet! (Boy did my companions laugh when I told them I usually wear thongs at home)

<-------- Vegemite: most popular bread spread equivalent to peanut butter in the US. I had a jar I used to share with members... who absolutely hated it 

<------- Pavlova: Delicious Aussie dessert.

<------- Golden Gaytimes: my favourite! (No pun intended!!) Seriously the best ice cream you will ever have.

<------ Tim Tams: Awesome blocks of chocolate-ness. 
Tim Tam Slams: warm milk, bite opposite corner on Tim Tam, place on top of milk, suck and throw in mouth as it melts.... Mmmmmm.... I will do deals of mail exchanging Tim Tams for American goodies ;D

Imagine the faces of my companions when they were listening to me talk to a fellow Aussie at Church saying 'it's so crazy that bitch is a swear word here', (bitch, damn, hell and ass aren't swear words down under - I was apparently the potty mouth missionary).

Check out the video below for more Aussie slang! (yes we do sound like the guy in this video)


1. Breakfast - "Let's have brekkie here"
2. Mosquito - "There's a lot of mozzies here"
3. Lazy person or someone who relies on others to do things - "You're such a bludger"
4. Pretending to be sick, taking a day off work - "I chucked a sickie today"
5. Guy - "He's a good bloke"
6. True / Genuine - "That's fair dinkum"
7. A lot / Very - "That's heaps cool"
8. Truth / True - "That's deadset"
9. Afternoon - "What are you doing this arvo?"
10. McDonalds - "Let's go to Maccas for lunch"

So to finish off... when you guys say you're 'rooting' for something... yeah... that has a COMPLETELY different meaning for us.... but I'll let you google that one ;)

Happy Straya Day!


  1. I got bloke right (from my mission in England). Vegemite was something I could never bring my self to eating after the first taste. ugh. Tim Tams are delicious with hot chocolate. I remember my hearing my first "swear" word over the pulpit in England. It was pretty shocking and then awesome!

    Happy Straya Day.

    1. Vegemite is soooo good! You should totally give it another try ;)