Thursday, 8 May 2014

I am a MoHo (a.k.a. gay Mormon)

Hi world!

So, after much contemplation and inspiration from reading many other fellow MoHo (still find this term kinda funny) bloggers, I've decided to start my own blog documenting this journey I'm on.

Sure, being gay and being Mormon doesn't completely define who I am but as other fellow gay Mormons would understand, it's quite a big part of your life.

So why have I decided to start blogging and pretty much post some of the most private parts of my life to the whole world (and gosh knows where else)? I think a big reason is from reading other bloggers with similar experiences to myself and realising how important it is for us to share our experiences because we don't know the lives we can touch out there. Although I am not perfect and far from finished with my journey, I want to be able to help others who are also on this journey and know that they are not alone. Also most of the bloggers I've read are from the US and perhaps maybe a gay Mormon posting from the southern hemisphere might give a different taste to this subject - yes! the worldwide gay Church is expanding beyond the US too :).

I may have to spend a bit of time back tracking my journey as it certainly hasn't just begun... so bear with me...

Who am I?

I am 25,

a 3rd generation Mormon,

a returned missionary,

a son,

a brother,

a man who is attracted to other men,

I am a (gay) Mormon.

Thanks for reading!

p.s. I apologise if advance for my lack of eloquence... I was never a really good writer... but it's the content that counts right? :)

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